Please make yourself comfy, pull up a chair, get your throw blanket and your favorite warm or cool beverage My nickname / handle is Shani, and I am reclaiming the fun in my internet use with this cozy space. I'm starting to explore what the Internet can look like when I do it just for me and just for fun. I think I want to start by dedicating this Neocities website to my self-care and coziness.

In all truth, this website will not only gather pages that speak on these subjects but I will also make it a portal for my writing and macroblogging in decentralized / open source networks. It is high time that I dedicate a me space to whatever I want to write, however I want to write it. I hope you can feel comfortable using this space to interact with me and if any of the content is to your benefit, I will count myself blessed to have been of service.

I will use and update this welcome space to help you navigate my little corner and share any important announcements if there are any. This will now be my cozy casita as I say in my native Spanish.

This site will be a very personal space where I will touch on my personal cozy interests. Why touch on coziness and self care? Well - in my professional life I dedicated myself to advocacy and counseling of trauma survivors, particularly those subjected to intimate partner violence. This calling also came with the need to do self care in order to address direct and vicarious trauma. This is a space mainly for my self care. However, from time to time you may also see a post dedicated to healthy relationships, as my vocation is in this field and some people have found it helpful to hear my perspective. I will also post some fun creative writing, gaming interest, fun little gifs and cute retro internet things that add to the cuteness of cozy self care as well as various other things in my interests. Whenever I do these special sections I hope to hear if someone finds any part of my writing particularly helpful. Which means slowly but surely I will add a chat box and a guestbook somewhere in here. Just bare with me as I refresh my HTLM knowledge :)